So last weekend was a crazy experience for me and my team. We played Camarillo, but for some reason they had the game scheduled in Newbury. I have recently played there, so I knew all the problems about the field, the night before the game it rained. I could tell the field was gonna be kind of soaked and a little muddy, but it turned out to be nice and sunny. While I was warming up, I was watching the other team looking for weaknesses or errors that certain players were making. fullsizerender      When I was watching them, I could tell that there was certain kids that couldn’t adjust to a high fastball and had low bat speed. If you don’t know what a high fastball is, its a high velocity pitch high, enough in the zone that the hitter wont be able to touch it. Most pitchers will use it on a 0-2, 1-2, or even 2-2 count depending on the hitter. They throw it to confuse the hitter, because on an 0-2 count, pitchers will use a curve ball or off speed pitch. I pitched the first couple of innings and gave up no runs. Even though they didn’t score, I felt like I threw way too many pitches.  I will be explaining each pitch I used and their importance later on in my blog.
fullsizerender-3      In the forth inning there was this pitcher that I knew was having trouble throwing strikes. As I watched him I could see this certain pattern of whenever he threw a ball out of the zone till it was 3-0, he would throw a strike or two before he would walk the batter. When I came up we had bases loaded with one out, I knew if I saw a ball in the zone there was no way I could let it go by me. I ended up getting to a count of 3-0, so all I had to do was take until he walked me, then a run would automatically come in. On the forth pitch I got one straight to the head, I didn’t know if it was on purpose or if he was just not able to control his pitches. I felt like yelling at him, but I kept my mouth shut and proceeded to first base.
fullsizerender-2      That inning we scored a ridiculous amount of runs. We had a big enough lead to where we even had our left fielder pitch for a couple of innings and they couldn’t even score off him. When it came to the last inning, they had a bit of a rally going. They scored five runs and made it a some what close game, but we were still up by a lot to the point where we didn’t even care that much about the runs they had scored. In the end we ended beating them 12-7. All around good game from the team and can’t wait to get back on the mound. If you enjoyed reading this, why not become a follower, so you can keep up to date on my post every week.



5 thoughts on “Santa Barbara vs Camarillo

  1. Cody, I mean what more can I say. To simply express the fact that this blog pushed the natural limits of blogs into a new and hopeful frontier is a massive understatement. Your expertise and knowledge in Baseball shines through in this entry, and I gleefully await your next entry

    Lamont Stiff
    Business Extraordinaire
    Founder and Co-Founder of Making Music SB, a local non-profit in Santa Barbara


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