These are the pitches that have helped me be successful on the mound, here’s why I use them and the effect they can have on a batter. It’s not just the pitches, it’s where the pitches have been placed that has helped me the most.fullsizerender-6

Fastball: The fastball is my go to pitch, because it’s the pitch that I am the most common with. When pitchers use a fastball, they are either trying to make the batter swing late or put it in a spot where the hitter can’t ketch up to it. For example, I was pitching against a batter and I had a 2-2 count on him, so I threw an inside fastball that was in enough on his hands, that it jammed him and he ended up grounding out with a runner in scoring position. You want to make sure when throwing a fastball that your grip is soft, almost like holding an egg in your fingertips.

fullsizerender-8Change up: A change up is an off speed pitch that looks like a fastball, but is about 8 or 10 mph slower depending on the pitcher. This pitch you need to hold the ball deep in the hand, with equal pressure on all fingers and throw it just like a fastball with the same arm speed and release point. Usually when batters will see a change up, they will think it’s a fastball and swing way too early and be thrown off. The best place to throw a change up is low in the zone, because it will have a certain spin that will allow the ball to lower into the dirt before the batter even knows it.  fullsizerender-7Curve ball: The curve ball is by far my favorite pitch, because when executed correctly, it looks amazing and is a type of pitch that most hitters can’t hit unless it’s in the zone.Whenever I use my curve ball, I throw it in a spot where I know it  will drop out our of the zone. When throwing a curve ball, you want a very light grip and make sure you’re pulling down the front of the ball, trying to increase the rate of rotation. This will make the ball move uncontrollably and bamboozle the hitter to a whole other level. If you found any of this information helpful please let me know and follow to keep up with the blog. Go Dons!!



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