With season right around the corner, my team and I are very eager to play. These last couple of weeks have been really annoying, because of the rain and wind. Baseball is played on an all dirt and grass field, so any kind of rain can leave the field flooded and unplayable for many days. The reason it’s unplayable is because the dirt has to be dry, so that the players cleats can grip and have good traction to the field. Also if the ball got muddy, then we would just have to keep changing balls, which would be impossible cause an umpire carries around 5 or 6 balls a game.img_2105      Rainy days are not always bad though, they can be useful for a day where you just need a break or day off. On days like that, we will usually end up going to our coaches class room and watch highlights and tips from professionals on how to improve your skills as an athlete.  My favorite videos are the ones where its just montages of players hitting home runs, because their swings are just so clean and the sound of the ball coming off the bat is amazing to listen to.img_2104      At times it’s hard to watch videos of baseball, because the more you watch it, the more you want to play and you can’t, because there is a ton of mud and water outside. Over the break, there was quiet a storm that left us in a bad spot. All you could see when you looked at the field was a bunch of giant puddles that covered the entire surface of the baseball field. Some our teammates even decided to jump in one of them and was immediately soaked.img_2103I think the only thing that survived there was the pitchers mound. The pitchers mound is the absolute most important part of the field, you have to make sure that almost everything about it has to be perfectly shaped or else a pitcher could have a very hard time pitching. Now that the on-season is here, I just hope we don’t have anymore rain. Make sure to follow the blog, so you don’t miss out.








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