This weekend was very exciting, we played our first game against west ranched at home. I was a bit nervous, but more than ever I was excited to play with my team again. The opposing side was by far one of the most infuriating teams I’ve ever encountered, screaming at the top of their lounges and banging on the dugout, trying to exasperate the pitcher anyway they could. In the first inning they scored three, considering that they had bases loaded multiple times, three ins’t the worst amount they could have scored.img_2106-1Immediately we came back in the third, scoring four and having a lot of momentum coming our way. For a while no one was scoring and the tension was closer than ever, any mistake could have effected the situations for either team. Our pitching collapsed in the fifth inning, they scored six and now they had all the momentum. The score was 9-4 and all we could think about was how we were gonna come back from this much of a deficit. We had to stay confident in order have any kind of comeback. In the top of the seventh I came in to pitch to stop the bleeding a bit. I wasn’t really nervous, because I put myself in a state of mind that allowed me to feel confident while being on the mound.fullsizerender-9I started off the inning striking out a guy with a curve ball that was perfectly placed. The next batter had got his timing down, but didn’t know I had a change up. With two strikes, I decided to throw it. He was really out in front of it and popped out. I threw a low fastball to the last batter of that inning, he just swung at the first pitch he saw and grounded out. In the bottom of the seventh our team rallied and score five runs, tying us with the other team. We had a chance to walk it off, but wasn’t able to. This meant that we had one extra inning to win it.fullsizerender-10It was the top of the eighth in extra innings, I had two outs with a runner on second. I could feel the tension in the air, all the pressure was on the batter and I. I had two strikes on him, the catcher signaled for me to throw a curve ball. I shook it off and wanted to throw a low fastball, so that he could hopefully ground out. He hit that low fastball right to the gap of the outfield and they ended up scoring that run and winning the game. I felt like crap after the game and knew I completely let my team down. My coach and teammates told me to just let it go and use this to your ability next time your on the mound. I learned an important lesson that game and it was to always find a way to improve and always throw a curve ball when your catcher tells you to. Follow my page, so you can stay up to date with the blog.


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