Last Friday my team and I played Oaks Christian, I was very impressed on how we handled them. I had no experience with this place, so I had no clue what the field or team was gonna be like. The car ride there was pretty nice, I took a long nap and woke up refreshed and ready to go.  I started off my pitching routine by having one of my teammates help stretch out my shoulders. I then went on to stretch out my forearms by using a band made out of tire. After that I stretched out my legs and back, then started to bullpen with a catcher.We went off to go start by scoring one in the first inning with momentum on our side, we proceeded two solid innings until they scored one to tie it in the third. We came right back at them by scoring three, making there side of the dugout very quiet. They were not quiet for very long though, they had a scarce comeback in the fifth scoring four. They now had the lead and it was getting to a point where they had all the momentum. Also the umpire was calling strikes a lot more frequently. It seemed as if the closer we got to the end of the game, the bigger the strike zone would get. This became very stressful for me as a pitcher.In the bottom of sixth inning their pitching started to collapse, we took advantage and scored two putting us ahead by one. After that they decided to bring in a new pitcher that also wasn’t very good, but it was the bottom of our line up, so their team managed to stop us from scoring. We knew our lead wasn’t the biggest, but we needed to keep it in order to win the game. Surprisingly they score one to tie it on their last at bats. The way the game was going, no one could keep their lead for more than two innings.With the game tied at 6-6, we had one more opportunity to score. We had 2 outs with runners on first and second. Sadly our final batter popped out and we didn’t score the winning run, but that wasn’t it. If we could shut them out this last inning, then we could at least end with a tie. Our closer did a great job of executing the strike zone and punching them out. We finished the game with a tie, but that’s pretty good considering their school is ranked in the top ten for channel league. If you enjoyed this post follow the blog to keep up to date with everything that’s going on.



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