Last Friday was big day for my team and I, we played our schools biggest rival San Marcos at home. For decades our two schools have hated each other and wanted nothing more than to be on top. I remembered playing this team last year, so I knew how the team played and where their strengths were. This was also the first real game of channel league, so it was really important that we win. As I was warming up I also noticed that the umpire was one we had from a previous game and knew he wouldn’t make any good calls. Towards the beginning of the game, both teams were rowdy and ready to play ball.  I was starting on the mound, so I knew I was going to try my best not to let my team down. The first inning we shut them out, they didn’t even come close to hitting the ball. We then proceeded to score two, making the other team even more discouraged. I felt really confident while playing this team, because they didn’t cause any concern to me while I was pitching. In the top of the fourth inning they scored three, but it was mostly on the counts of errors, so it didn’t effect me that much. We continued to fight though, scoring one to bring it back to a close game. They held us for a while, not allowing us to get on base. It became really annoying, because we knew how bad of a  team they were and we didn’t know how they had any kind of momentum on their side. Also the umpire was making some very questionable calls behind the plate and in game. Besides the bad called strikes, I remember this one play where one of our runners were stealing second base and the he was way under the tag and got there before the ball even got there and the umpire called him out. It was unbelievable how bad an umpire could be, because all you have to do is use your eyes correctly and you can see everything that is going on. In the bottom of the sixth, we had the tying run on third base, and the pitcher did the dumbest thing in that situation. He tried to be clever and do a double leg kick and ended up bocking in the tying run. With the game now tied in the top of the seventh, all we needed to was shut them out, then we could have a chance at walking it off. We shut them out and now all we had to do was perfect the script and win the game. With one out and a runner on third the pitcher tried to throw a curve ball and completely threw it out of the zone. The runner from third came rushing in and we won the game with a walk off. If you enjoyed this post follow the blog, so you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on.



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