Last week we played Dos pueblos away and I was very impressed on how the team played. Like San Marcos, Dos Pueblos is also one of our rivals, but mostly for baseball. Last year every game was played with absolute passion and thrive to win against the opposing side, I know that we also get more aggressive than when we play against SM. As we warmed up before the game, the coach told us things to consider before each at bat and to always know the situation your in. The most important thing that he stressed was to always have communication between each teammate, so that they were always in the game.We had first at bats, so tensions were high to get some kind of a rally on to put us in a good enough lead. Their pitching was pretty good in the first and second innings. We scored one in the second inning off a past ball that the catcher had no chance getting to in time. That changed a lot of the tempo and momentum for the game. Sadly our pitching began to fall apart in the third, they ended up scoring four, putting their team up by a lot. We didn’t give up though.In the top of the fourth their pitcher became rattled and struggled to throw strikes. Also every time he happened to throw a strike, we would just smack it right into the gaps. We scored six runs that inning, so that made our side super hyped, eager to scored more runs, and want to compete more than ever. In the fifth they scored two runs putting them in a good situation. The score was 8-6 us in the bottom of the sixth.With one out and runners on second and third, things were getting really sketchy, and all they needed was a base hit to tied it up. Thankfully the batter hit the ball on a line right to the third basemen and then he just tagged his bag for the final out, because the runner miss judged where the ball was hit. We beat Dos Pueblos and the way we played showed true compassion to win against another rival. I am happy the way the team is playing right now and cant wait for the next game.



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