Last week on Friday we played Buena. I hadn’t played their team since last year, so I had no clue what the team was gonna be like. While we warmed up, we saw their team arrived. It was pretty much all the same guys as last year, but with only a couple of juniors. We had home advantage, so no matter what we always had last at bats just in case we were loosing by a couple of runs. We started off the first inning great, shutting out there side with only fourteen pitches thrown.Now it was our turn to bat and we noticed that their pitcher was having a hard time throwing strikes. Our lead off batter did his job by getting a single up the middle to put him on first base. He then stole to second to put himself in scoring position. Then our second hitter hit a shot into the gap to score the runner from second, putting us ahead. In that same inning we just kept on scoring runs, because their player kept making errors. It was like clock work, we would have a runner in scoring position, then we would hit to their player and they would make an error.After a six run inning in only the first, we felt good about our lead and chances in this game. Our pitching was really good, because their players couldn’t catch up to the high fastball or any fastball in the zone. There was just this unreal pattern that every time we shut them out an inning, then we would score in the next one. The score at the top of the sixth was ten to zero us. I believe this rally wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our amazing player first base coach.We knew the game was just absolutely over and there was no way for them to comeback. They did manage to score two off a couple of errors, but we got those two runs back in the next inning. We ended up beating Buena twelve to two. I was really impressed on how the team hammered the opposing side and didn’t let them dominant us once the whole time. If you enjoyed any of this, give me some feedback of what you liked the most.


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