Last week we had a rematch against our rival San Marcos. This was the last time we were gonna play them this year, so a win was must for this game. The game was away and the team was hungry for another win. We played this team in the past, so we knew their weaknesses and what to attack first. We also had a first base coach help create rally’s like it was nothing. The first inning we scored 3, putting us at a comfortable lead. Our pitcher Jackson Hamilton did a great job on the mound, throwing strikes and only allowing 2 hits threw 5 innings.

This to me is a perfect example of dominant pitcher. There pitching on the other hand was pretty hard to watch, because all there pitchers were having trouble finding the strike zone and every time they did throw it in the zone we would hit it. Their coaches probably called time 7 or more times that game. Also all of there walk up songs were pretty wack, they were just a bunch a weird base drops and trap songs from like 4 years ago.

I think out of all 9 of there players only 3 actually had solid contact, but still got out. Our defense was on point that game, every infielder willing to layout for anything out of their reach and making stellar plays. I don’t think our defense had one error and considering that our pitcher only had 2 strike outs and just about every other ball was hit is a pretty good for a defensive side. In the bottom of the sixth inning Joser the closer came in and shut them out with only 14 pitches thrown.

We then added 8 to our lead and made it an 11-0 game. In the bottom of the seventh they some how score one off a blooper base hit, but we didn’t care cause all we needed was one out to end the game. The game ended on a strike out and we got the win. All in all it was just a great game, we attacked them and applied pressure early in the game. Let me know what you thought about this post in the comment section.


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