This week we played played Dos Pueblos twice, once on Wednesday and the other on Friday. On Wednesday we played them at there home turf. That game wasn’t worth a whole post, because we beat them 9-4 and we had the lead the whole game, so I decided to tell Fridays game, because it was really close and intense. 

On Friday we played them on our home turf, from the beginning I had a feeling it was gonna be a battle threw out the whole game. From past experience with this team I knew there weaknesses and where most of their players hit the ball. The first inning our pitching struggled a little bit, they ended up scoring 3, giving them pretty good momentum to work with. They held us for 2 innings, then we stuck back in the third. We had a runner on third base and their pitcher witched on the mound and ended up bocking the run in.

Sadly that’s all we could score that inning, but that one run gave us enough energy to get back in the game. The defense on our side was shaky at first, then we cleaned it up and made every play that was hit us. In the fifth we scored two to tie it at 3. Our pitcher Jackson Hamilton did a really good job by attacking the hitters. He only allowed 3 runs in 6 innings which is really good, because those 3 runs only happened in the first inning and he came back and shut them down. Our relief pitcher came in and shut them out. 

In the bottom of the 7th we had an opportunity to walk it off. There was a runner on the third base and a base hit could end the game, completing the sweep against DP. With two outs our 9 hole hitter, Henry Kish came up to bat. Our dugout was going crazy, banging on everything and screaming at the top of our lunges. With two 2 strikes on him he got a fastball and pulled it between the shortstop and third baseman, scoring the run. We all ran out of the dugout and rushed him. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you next week!




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