Yesterday we played Ventura away. The tensions were high, because the last time we played them, we tied in the 9th inning. The umpire called the game due to going over the time limit and no one was happy about it. This game we knew we needed to have good defense and a smart batting approach. The first inning was a bit shaky, the top of our line up was having trouble putting the ball in play. Then there team started to score runs putting  them ahead 3 to 0. As the game went on we managed to bring back a run. Our defense also made a couple of errors, but besides that they were just making good contact with the ball.

The score now was 5 to 1 in the third inning. The other teams pitcher was  having trouble finding the strike zone, I believe he threw 5 full counts and kept walking guys, he managed to throw 78 pitches in only 3 innings. I don’t know what happened, he was shutting us out until he stopped throwing strikes. They had to take him out, because of the pitch count. As soon as their relief pitcher came in everything went bad for them. The guy was wild and had zero velocity on his fastball. Their defense was also making a tone of errors. We took advantage and scored 6 putting us a head 7 to 5. In the bottom of the 3rd they rallied back scoring 2.

The game was now tied at 7 and it was only the beginning of the game. Threw the 4th and 5th inning it was pretty back and fourth, we would score 1, the they would score 1, we would score 2, the they would score 2. We got a good break though. We had bases  loaded with 2 outs and a ball was hit to their shortstop, it was a routine play that was very hard to mess up, but some how he overthrew the second baseman and we score 3 plus a couple of more base hits, because we were not done with them.

Out of that inning we scored a total of 5 runs. The score was now 15 to 10 in the top of the 8th. The last inning with two outs, there was a line drive hit right to our shortstop and he caught it on the fly, but the umpire said it hit the ground and called the runner safe. Our coach was Outraged and almost got tossed for arguing with the umpire. The batter was clearly out, but we were up, so we honestly couldn’t care less. We got the final out and won the game. It felt like the longest game ever, but our team battled hard and played 110%. If you guys enjoyed this weeks post let me know below GO DONS!!!!


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