Last week we played Santa Ynez and we were confident, coming off a big win over Ventura. When this game started I was confident that we had a good chance of winning because we had one of are better pitchers on the mound, Jackson Hamilton. In the first inning are we went down in order. Though we did strike for one in the in the 2nd due to and ground ball driving in the runner at third. It only took us 2 more innings for us to strike for 2 more runs after a RBI single by me to score my fellow infielder Scott Feldman.

While all this was going on Jackson was pitching strong and not allowing any runs over 3 innings buy know. Though the worst part was that it was a 5-0 game and Scott was pitching and there was a ground ball to second base and are second baseball man Kai Uchio throws it to are 1st baseman and as we were walking off the field because that was the third out. Then the umpire as half are team is in the dugout the umpire decides to call the runner safe at first just because we ran off the field before he made the call.

That was the only dumb part about the game, everything else was fine. Though our pitching came to a explosion in the last inning making the score 6-2 by the end of that inning with a triple, Aiden Cherry was huge he has been raking all year for us and it was super cool to see him go yard. He was a huge part in are success as a team mashing the baseball and pitching outstanding.

By the end of the game the final score was 6-2 with Dereck going the last 2 innings and only giving 2 unearned runs. It was a great performance for us as a team and it was great way to end the year with a win. It was also fun to see the shortstops last play to end the game on a slow roller to end it. I can’t wait to be back next game its gonna be great.


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